Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Van Gogh sunflowers

Kinder: Van Gogh Sunflowers

Kinder students learned about Van Gogh and his love for sunflowers. Van Gogh is known for his "Starry Night", many self-portraits, and of course his numerous beautiful sunflower paintings. We analyzed his paintings and noticed how he shows his many brushstrokes. He used lots of different paint colors. 
I did this art work with kinder last year and loved it so much I did it again this year for kinder. Perhaps I'm also subconsiously thinking...spring time needs to get here! Perhaps if we paint flowers..spring will come sooner...hmm..could happen! Spring Break is next week and what better way to bring it in than hang some beautiful flowers in the hallway (and upload some to the blog!)

This project was made with oil pastels, liquid watercolors and black sharpie. We actually did use good quality watercolor paper as well. 

I think these are marvelous..we have some great talent in kindergarten, Davis!

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