Kinder Fall 2013

 Kinder: Peacock Creations

     Kinder students studied about the zoologist and artist, Daniel Elliot Giraud. Giraud loved to study birds. Some of the birds he loved were the bird of paradise, pheasants, and peacocks. Students also watched a video which showed a real peacock strutting about showing off his beautiful feathers and making a "caw, caw" sound. Students also were introduced to the primary colors, blue and yellow. Students learned that blue and yellow become green, a secondary color.
     Kinder students used liquid watercolors to paint a piece of diffusing paper. They observed first hand that blue and yellow paint turn green...that was a lot of fun! Students then cut out a peacock head and body (we are learning about cutting on the "black line"!) Students glued on their pieces to the painted feather and also glued on a googly eye.Students decorated their beautiful peacocks and grass with oil pastels for further texture. Finally, students glued on some real feathers for an awesome dimensional effect. 

Great job on these peacocks, Kinder!

Kinder: Elmer the Elephant

We read "Elmer Elephant" by David McKee. I just love all the beautiful illustrations this book has..there is so much creativity, awesome patterns and colors. And of course, the life lesson taught is so valuable: even if you look different than others, you are very special! I now want to read all the Elmer books..and there are quite a few!
I have seen Elmer projects very often for students..all different kinds, many with colored papers and tissue papers. I wanted to keep it simple, though, and decided to go with just oil pastel, black sharpie, and watercolor. I think this gives more expression. I think these came out pretty cute..but I will not tell my son that who is in kindergarten this year. He would want his elephant described as "powerful, mighty and very strong". That's a boy for you!

In which ever way you decide to describe these... overall, I do love these. I think the colors are so nice and the great jungle scenes these students drew for their Elmer Elephants are awesome to.  

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