Sunday, February 24, 2013

Renaissance Shields

3rd Grade: Renaissance Shields

3rd grade studied the Higher Renaissance Period in Europe. Durer was the artist this project was based on. Students chose symbols from traditional Renaissance Shields and family crests to add to their work of art. Students created banners with their name and mounted below their shields as well. Banners are not shown below for privacy purposes, except in the teacher example. 


1.) Students drew their design onto a 4" x 6" practice sheet  (same size as the tooling foil). Students drew an shield outline, drew symbols, drew a banner and wrote their name in reverse into the banner. Reverse upper and lowercase letters were made available for student reference.

2.) The practice sheet was taped onto the tooling foil. (My students could choose either gold or silver side for foil). A magazine was put underneath. Students "traced" all pencil lines with their wooden stylus. Students carefully removed the practice sheet and completed a second tracing with the wooden stylus into the groove lines, therefore further raising the embossed side (which is the final display side).

3.) Students flipped the foil over and added color to the "final display" side. Students were told to leave at least one section gold or silver and to leave the embossed lines gold or silver.

I think these came out great!

Dolphin Bakery

4th Grade: The Dolphin Bakery!

4th graders created an art project based on Thiebaud's famous cakes. This art project also overlapped a bit into geometry. Students created cylinders and used angles and parallel lines to create the 3-D effect of their "cut cakes". This was also a lesson in value. Students used different color values to create the illusion of a round cake as well. Students just loved decorating their two dimensional cake and personalizing it to make it an expression of themselves and their dream cake! What a fun project this was. These look good enough to eat.