Sunday, May 11, 2014

Suspension Bridges

1st Grade: Suspension Bridges 

1st Graders learned all about suspension bridges (deck, cables, stringers and towers). They discovered that all the parts of a bridge are very important and a bridge would not be complete with missing parts. Bridges can look many different ways and light up at night! The background was done with liquid red and yellow watercolors. the next art day, Davis students drew bridges with Staonal crayons and added oil pastel for color. We also talked about values and created a river with blue and white pastel. Students loved seeing the blue and white become "light blue"! 

These are very cheery!

Great job 1st Graders!

Woven Yarn Cups

4th Grade: Woven Cups

Fourth Graders studied the history and fine art craft of basket weaving. Basket weaving is a craft that has existed for centuries and exists all over the world. Basket weaving can be done with any pliable material including, grass, wood and animal hair. Baskets have many purposes, such as,  being used to store goods and food. Baskets can also be used for bartering. 

Did you know baskets were used during WWII to hold messenger pigeons? Baskets were also used during the war to deliver supplies and food to troops. 

Today, basket weaving is a wonderful art that is appreciated by many. Fourth graders wove some paper cups to get into the theme of woven products. Some students used multicolored yarn ("rainbow" color) while others chose to do patterns with certain colors. I think they all look great. Some pictured below are halfway done so you can view the weaving process in the cups.

These are lots of fun to make. Our steps were:

1.) Draw odd number of lines around the cup (from top edge to almost bottom edge with a permanent marker). We used 7 lines for 5 oz cups. 9 lines would work well for 9 oz cups.

2.) Cut on lines to create slits.

3.) Knot yarn and place knot within cup. Weave yarn in and out of slits, sliding down yarn as rotations are made around cup. Yarn should be pulled gently so it lays down smoothly.

Spring Flower Bouquet

 2nd Grade: Spring Flower Bouquet

Second graders explored various artists who painted flower still life art. We also viewed some photographs of real flower bouquets. We discussed the many different sizes, shapes, colors and varieties of flowers. These lovely pastel bouquets could not be hung in the hallways at school due to summer renovations coming soon...however, they are displayed here for all to appreciate. 

I love the many different colors and flowers my students represented here. Also, great job on these vases!

I love the inventive use of lines in the background!

This students also used a lot of lines in the background. However, it became very busy so I suggested adding some more solid color to unify. The blue this student chose worked great for this.

A wonderful use of limited palette! Very serene and lovely.

This is so cheerful!

Another example of great use of limited palette.

The stems are very unique!


This students commented that the large violet flower is a "moonflower". This student then proceeded to add the moon underneath this still life. Beautiful and original!!

This student has a very unique style. Very original and stylized. I love it!