Saturday, February 21, 2015

2nd Grade britto art in progress

These look so neat as black and white pieces...maybe in the future we will do this project again and not add color.

Clay beads drying out

This project has taken up lots of my closet! Looking forward to the results! Can I hire some elves to put everything back up on my closet shelves again when this project is over?

Koi Fish Display

An amazing display of  4th grades talent! These look awesome.

1st grade: Joan Miro Art

1st Grade: Joan Miro Inspired Art..Magical Figures and Creatures

Let me start out by saying that this project was inspired by my wonderful and amazing mentor teacher, Dee Lemke. Dee Lemke was also the teacher I taught under when I did my student teaching. She taught Miro to 1st graders when I was at Reid and now 3 years later I am teaching it to my 1st graders. I love how art teachers share ideas and get inspired by one another. It is such a blessing to have been in your art room, Dee Lemke. I often think back to how you'd be presenting a lesson or giving instruction when I do my own teaching. I love the energy you give to your teaching. I can not say enough about how inspired I was and I'm grateful that I got to see true "great teaching" not just read about it in a textbook. So I'm dedicating this project to you, Dee. You are just that awesome! 

My own son is in 1st grade now and he loved doing his Miro art. He can explain and analyze his entire picture in great detail. I love how this art can encourage students to really go beyond just "representational art". It forces you to think outside the box and imagine what it could  mean.

I asked my son to tell me about his art (below). See his response in the caption. 
Can you find all the hidden things in my picture? If you can not, I will tell you. See the biggest guy? He has a giant eye. His eye is so big, that it also makes the head of the dog above him. See the 2nd biggest eye? It is also the mouth of the guy on the right side. That guy's feet is also the head of another guy. I like this kind of art because you can pretend a lot.
1st graders explored works by the famous Spanish artist, Joan Miro. We noticed how he had "hidden pictures" many times in his art, including "Figures and Dog in front of the Sun". We noted how he used his imagination to create abstraction. He focused on hidden meanings and also had a limited palette. His art was very fun and even silly at times. Other times, the colors were dark and brooding, such as the art he created during WWII. He had his own sense of style, which he became very well known for around the world.

Students created their own "Miro" inspired figure (s), as well as, pets and other imaginative elements. We talked about some stylistic ways Miro created his art using: ladders, dots, black circles, curvy lines, etc. I did a few step by steps of silly animals and figures to get ideas flowing. For the most part, students were free to create their own Miro artistic masterpiece. 
Students drew their art with black permanent markers. The next art day, students painted the background with watered down gold tempera paint. I watered it down, so the black marker underneath would show. It was still plenty "gold". Last day, students added color with crayons-primary colors and green. We wanted to keep with the colors Miro often used. Students also wrote about what was in their picture and could create a short story based on the art.

I do love how these came out! I think Miro himself would be proud!

Architecture Blueprints

1st Grade: Architecture 

1st graders explored architecture. We looked at many kinds of buildings, including a panorama of downtown Dallas. It was projected on the whiteboard and was pretty awesome. We discussed the basic shapes of tall office skyscrapers, police stations, restaurants, even their own houses. Architecture is quite fun as their are so many lines and shapes within buildings to find! I saw this project on a different art blog one day at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists:

I am promising myself, I'm going to link back to the awesome blogs that inspire the projects we do here at Davis! 
We used various tools to make the geometric shapes. We began with various cardboard pieces to make the sides and basic outlines of the building. Students were free to create any building they wanted or to even make up a building from their imagination. Students were then given "duplo blocks" (giant lego blocks) to make squares, gluestick lids (to make circles) and triangles cut from sponges. This was a very messy project..after the first class it helped that I encouraged students to at least try to stay "neat". The messy part was in handling the blocks, lids and triangle sponges. However, the end results are worth it. I only wish I had 10 sinks in my room instead of 2!!

Romero Britto Heart Sunrises

2nd Grade: Romero Britto Heartsy Sunrises

2nd graders explored some of Romero Britto's art. Much of his art is very student-friendly. Students loved his bold black outlines and vibrant use of color. Many of his themes are themes students can easily relate to as well-animals, famous landmarks, hearts, flowers. Many critics have described his art has representing warmth, friendship, happiness and of course love. I thought this would be a perfect art to create around Valentine's Day this year. 
We watched a video from Britto's website that showed his art come to life through animation. Students enjoyed this a lot. Britto is originally from Brazil, where soccer is very popular. We talked about how Britto speaks Portuguese as well as English. Britto came to America and opened up an art gallery in Florida. 
We did a step by step of the hearts and sunrise together. Students traced with black permanent markers, Students added Britto inspired patterns. We also talked about thin vs thick line. I gave each student a Crayola Broad tipped black marker so they cold go over some of their lines with a thick line in the style of Britto. Students added color with oil pastel. Lastly, students took wooden scratch sticks and "scratched" through the pastel to reveal the patterns underneath. 

These are so fun and colorful! 

Klimt trees

3rd Grade: Klimt Trees

Seems amazing I have not taught Klimt until this year, my 3rd year teaching here at Davis. However, I was inspired by What's Happening in the Art Room blog:

and loved the gold trees against the black background.

3rd graders studied some of Klimt's work. They learned that Klimt had meanings behind his art. And many times his art was displayed in large mural like settings. Klimt was an Austrian artist. Many students tried to spot Austria by pointing to the continent of Austrailia. However, I displayed the world map and explained Austria is a small country in the continent of Europe. We talked about his use of pearls, precious stones, gold leaf and ceramic in his work. He used a bit of collage to bring it all together. His work was quite "royal" to say the least.

Students began this art with drawing a Klimt like tree on 12 x 18 black Riverside paper. I did a step by step of this and emphasized curvilinear lines. Students drew the tree with yellow oil pastel. Students then painted the entire tree with gold tempera paint. Next art class, students stamped circles on the tree using white tempera. Students were given various size stampers-liquid watercolor lids, glue bottle lids and gluestick lids worked great. Students also did cu-tip stamping with copper, turquise and silver tempera paints. On the 3rd art day, students used construction paper crayons (crayola brand) to add details to the background (we talked about representing weather with raindrops, snowflakes, etc). Or students could draw a pattern with the crayons. Lastly (on this same day), students rotated through stations to add "royal elements" to their art. Stations included: sparkle paper pieces, rhinestones/gemstones, sequins, glitter, glass globs, and glossy ribbon pieces. The glitter was the most challenging and of course the most fun. I set strict rules for glitter! It was important to emphasize some glitter, not "glitter everywhere". I posted some of these elsewhere in the blog. Haven't figured yet how to upload all the pics and put them in the same post...anyway these did come out magnificent!