Friday, April 17, 2015

4th Zentangles

2nd Worms Eye View Snowman

2nd: Worm's Eye View Snowmen 
I first saw this neat project on Artsonia:

I knew I wanted to have my Davis students study worm's eye view after viewing the great work on Artsonia's gallery. 

2nd Graders explored worm's eye view a bit and compared it to "front view". We looked at some photographs of a few famous landmarks around the world. Some of the photographs were taken from the front view of the landmark and others from worm's eye view. We talked about how varying the perspective on the same subject matter made for some interesting photographs. 

2nd graders created these fabulous snowman (and snowomen!) from worm's eye view. We did a step by step of the basic body of the snowman and student's added various accessories. We discussed adding buttons in varying sizes to give the illusion of the correct perspective.

Student's drew the snowman first with black permanent marker. Then, added color with markers. Students traced the entire contour of the snowman with a cool colored oil pastel. Then, tempera paint was added to the background (turquoise and blue). We talked about blending the 2 colors in the middle. On the last day, students painted on snowflakes using cu-tips, brushes and/or a wooden stylus. Snow was also dabbed on using the cu-tips. 

What a colorful and great looking group of snowman!  Love these!

Great job 2nd grade!

Kinder Snowy Penguins