2nd Grade: April/May 2013

More Stretched Pictures from 2nd Grade!


Nice flower

2nd Grade: Stretched Pictures and Unity

2nd graders learned all about unity. Unity is an art principle that gives an art work harmony. All the elements work together like a team. One example that can give an art work unity the same color negative space (background) throughout an art work. Students had a review of positive/negative space. Students represented unity by having the negative space (background) show through their entire stretched out picture. Students chose an object or animal. They drew it on a colored paper. They divided it up into sections with lines (either wavy, straight or both). Students then proceeded to cut along the lines (kind of like a jigsaw puzzle). It was very important that students cut 1 piece, then glue that same piece down to the background before cutting and gluing the next piece. Otherwise it is hard to reassemble the pieces!

Great job 2nd graders! 

butterflies were popular!

a cool pencil!


a cute frog

awesome bird

a pencil in progress..see below for finished version!

an ant

pretty flower


2nd: Matisse Portraits
2nd graders explored the artistic style of Matisse. This was similar to the 1st grade Matisse portraits. Go to 1st grade to learn more about Matisse! 2nd graders used liquid watercolors instead of markers to create a self-portrait "Matisse Style". They thought about colors representing emotions and certain personality traits, as Matisse did. Though, they didn't "fling" a bucket of paint at their canvas as Matisse's famous critic said, 2nd graders did LOVE being able to use as many or as few colors as they wanted to represent their likeness. 
We did a step-by-step instruction for correct facial proportion using many guidelines, which were later erased. 

This was also a great review on color mixing, as I encouraged students to mix new colors (tertiary colors, secondary colors for their portrait)

Nice symmetry here! Reminds me of stained glass..very lovely!

Cool hair!

Somehow, this reminds me of a snowcone with all the beautiful colors swirling near each other..great job!

2nd grade: Japanese Landscapes-Sea of Satta

2nd Graders studied Utagawa Hiroshige, famous Japanese printmaker, as did the 1st graders this year. 2nd graders were able to choose between various Japanese elements. Japanese elements they could choose to add to their landscape were: castle, footbridge, Bonsai tree, Mount Fuji, Japanese house. All students painted the giant wave in the Sea of Satta (based on the Hiroshige print). This lesson was free color choice, and color mixing was encouraged for the sky. The wave was a study of various color values of blue. We reviewed the way to tint blue before the painting began and I did a demonstration of blending paint for the wave. Students also added a Japanese character with permanent marker and sealed with a Japanese chop (in our case a dragon stamp). 

Translations for the Japanese characters:

Student chose between the following characters: Peace, Friends, Dream, Joy, Courage, Strength

Apologies for the sideways art..I will be zooming in next time, so all art formats correctly.

Mt Fuji erupted 300 years ago! Students enjoyed learning about that fact and decided to add that into their art work..I like the "action" feeling of these paintings.

2nd: MORE Matisse Portraits!
Somehow the Japanese paintings got in between the portraits!

Love this spikey hair!

A true Matisse background..I'm getting a sense of tie dye here!

Love those stripes!

This face is unique, like the 2-toned background..very cool!

Love this brand watercolor paper..no matter how many colors students stack up in one area, colors dry fast, so nothing becomes "muddy". Nice color mixing here!

Love the tie!

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