Sunday, January 12, 2014

2nd Grade: Cezanne Fruit Still Life

2nd Graders studied the fruit still lifes of Cezanne. We noted the many brushstrokes he used and the many different kinds of fruit he used. 2nd Graders then drew and painted their own fruit still life using oil pastels and liquid watercolors. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Literacy Night: Snowmen

3rd Grade: Chill'in with a Good Book!

Snowmen for Literacy Night

Each year Kenneth Davis has a  Literacy night. This year the theme is "Chill Out with a Good Book". 3rd Grade students made some Snowmen Table Toppers to help decorate for this special night.

These are great! I am looking forward to Literacy Night (January 30th!). I hope to see many Davis students there!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grand Wood Trains

Kinder: Grant Wood Trains

Kinder students learned about Grant Wood, an American artist who depicted the Midwest in the 1930's. He painted many landscapes with farmland. He also created art that was very original and stylistic. He used lots of shapes in his art. Kinder students found the shapes in Wood's paintings. (shape detectives!).

Kinder students made some fabulous Train art work. They created a colorful landscape with the help of lots of tissue paper and paint! Students cut and glued their "train track" from a piece of cardstock they'd painted the previous art class. Students used brown and yellow to create the look and feel of real wood for their track. All the trains were drawn by students ( I rarely use stencils or templates). We did a step-by-step instruction for a train engine, coal/freight car, and caboose. Then, students colored the train in with markers. Since, it was holiday time when students were working on this project I mentioned it could be a train possibly filled with toys for good little boys and girls! 

These are so colorful and fun. I think they catch the whimsy Wood had in many of his paintings.

Great job Kindergarten!