Teaching Philosophy

I teach art here at Davis Elementary School in Mansfield ISD. Grades range from Kinder-4th. I love teaching art at this age, as students are always so excited to make art and learn new things. Art is full of "happy" surprises along the way, and students are so courageous at this age to come up with all kinds of awesome ideas and styles all their own.

My art philosophy:

Art is a process and a journey more than a destination. Art should be an enjoyable discovering and creative process that builds upon skills and knowledge. Once students know basic principles and elements, it is up to them to take and apply what they have learned. Students are encouraged to go above and beyond the ordinary, and enter into the extraordinary. I believe it is important for every child to have the opportunity to draw, paint, create, imagine, and express themselves through the fine arts. It is important for children to use their right brain, as well, as their left brain.  Art will give lots of opportunity for problem solving, facing challenges, sharing ideas, and learning from each other. 

Students learn that a "mistake" is usually not really a mistake, but an opportunity to start a new idea from something done unintentionally. At a young age, students have an easier time drawing "what they see" instead of what "they believe" exists.  Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by B. Edwards is still standard in my book for every art educator, as well as, anyone wanting more knowledge on how the brain learns to draw. I highly recommend!

Art also connects every other subject. In my class, math (think LOTS of geometry, measuring and fractions), history, literature, writing, and science (ask my students what happens to salt when it hits wet paint) all come together in one class. Students apply skills they've initially learned in core subjects into their art project. 

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