Kinder 2012-2013

Kinder: Thiebaud Pops

Kinder students studied Thiebaud and his many desserts. Then, they learned about pattern and the endless possibilities pattern can have! We spotted some patterns on our classmates clothes (that was fun) and then students created some patterns on the whiteboard. After students were pretty familiar with pattern, they cut out a circle they had traced from a template (we used white cardstock). Students divided the ruler into fourths (some fractions here!). They then created a different pattern in each quarter. I traced around student's hands on colored paper. Kinder students then carefully cut out their hand and glued onto a large size colored craft stick. Everything was glued down to a 9" x 12" colored paper. The below is a teacher example..quite honestly, my students pops were MORE interesting and cool then this..however I did not have a chance to take pics before sending pops home for this project..students feel free to bring your pops to the art room..they might end up on the blog!

Kinder: Chameleon's Colors

see "1st grade" for instructions

Kinder students had lots of fun creating the character of "Chameleon" from Tashiro's popular childrens book.

Kinder: Van Gogh Sunflowers

Kinder students studied Vincent Van Gogh and his magnificent art work. Students viewed "Starry Night", his many self-portraits, and his sunflower paintings. We talked about how Mr. Van Gogh cut fresh flowers and added them to vases to make his home more inviting for his guests. Students were amazed at how many brushstrokes Van Gogh used in one painting and that he made hundreds and hundreds of paintings, many times painting all day long without stopping! 

This was a 4 class art project. On the first day we did a whole class step-by-step to draw the sunflowers initially onto watercolor paper. Students then painted the sunflowers the 2nd day. On the 3rd day we talked about mimicing Van Gogh's brushstrokes by using oil pastels to add various lines on the shapes of the flower and vase. On the fourth day, students watercolored the background. This was limited to 1 or 2 colors so the art would not become to busy. 

I love our little Van Gogh artists! Our kinders students are very talented.

Kinder: Paul Klee Castles

Kinder students studied Klee and his famous geometric art. They studied one of his most famous pieces, "Castle and Sun". Students formed squares from triangles to create castles. We built tall and short ones, just as we would build with blocks. Students designed a sun from colored paper and oil pastel. 

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