Kinder-April/May 2013

Kinder: Very Hungry Caterpillar

I read Eric Carle's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar to my kinder students. Students were inspired by the bright colors, variety of textures Carle uses for his caterpillar, foods and butterfly.  I ran off photocopies on cardstock of 5 circles. Students created a variety of textures on the caterpillar circles with crayons.  Green and blue watercolor paint was added to the circles. Circles were then cut out and glued them down "caterpillar" style to a large colored paper. Students added caterpillar "fuzz", feet and antennae. They, then drew foods on separate colored paper squares and decorated them. Students cut out foods and pasted around the caterpillar. 

These are so great!

Kinder: Metroplex Cities

I led Kinder students in a discussion of types of buildings commonly found in a city: office buildings, grocery, retail stores (toy stores!), residences, apartment buildings. We also talked about different kinds of vehicles we see in a city: construction vehicles, fire trucks, police, cars, school buses, city buses, etc. 
We also talked about basic shapes (square, rectange, circle, triangle) and how we could fit these pieces together like a puzzle to form new shapes, like buildings and vehicles! Kinder students moved virtual shapes around on the Promethean Board to form vehicles and then set to work designing their own awesome designs. Students chose 2 of their favorite buildings and vehicles to create.
For buildings: Students drew with permanent marker the coutour of 2 buildings of their choosing on cardstock. Then, they added color with crayons, pressing really hard. Next, they chose a few sections to color with black oil pastel. Lastly, they drew lines into the black sections with "magic sticks" (wooden stylus tools) to create patterns and line designs.
For vehicles: Students drew 2 vehicles on cardstock with permanent marker. Then, they painted the vehicles with tempera paint. 
Students added white dashes with white oil pastel to black colored paper "streets" and then glues the entire city scene together on a background color of their choice.
I am beginning to realize I need to "zoom in" when I snap pics of student art work, that way the pics will be the correct size to be added to this blog. I apologize for the  "lopsided" art below...whoops!

These are so fun to look at! I feel like I can hear the noises of the city by just staring at these!


Kinder: Self-Portraits

Kinder students had fun drawing themselves. After following a step-by-step on drawing the figure, kinder students used texture rubbing plates and crayons to add texture to their clothes. Students also used wallpaper scraps to collage a floor for a room!

Check out the cowboy boots on this one! Howdy!

Kinder: Color Creations:

Kinder students reviewed the color wheel, mainly primary, secondary colors. Students drew and colored a color wheel, mixing secondaries from primaries with oil pastels. Some students got the color sections out of order, however, the main point came across--how to get secondary colors! Students cut out their color wheel and created a scene around the wheel. Students made their "wheel" one of 3 objects: a helicopter, a bird, or a hot air balloon. I attached the wheels with brad fasteners so they would spin. Students just LOVED that!

Great color mixing KINDER!! And fantastic imagination to!

Birds were quite popular! I like the people under this nice large bird!

Love the nice large propellers on this one..up, up and away!

These striped propellers and landing gear is awesome!

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