Thursday, December 24, 2015

Kinder- Caterpillars and Butterflies

Mansfield 125 Art Show- 2015

2015 History of Mansfield-Mansfield 125 Art Show

The City of Mansfield celebrates 125 years! These works of art were created by our Davis dolphin students. Each work features a theme of Mansfield. These were displayed at The Center for the Performing Arts  May-June.

Pickle Driv'in a Pickle 

Our 1st graders created a charming pickle themed art work celebrating the Best Maid Pickle factory located in Mansfield. 

Beautiful Bluebonnets and Butterflies

3rd Graders created a beautiful Bluebonnet themed art work to celebrate the many beautiful wildflowers of Mansfield.

Stroll'in Down Downtown Mansfield

2nd Graders created a Stroll'in Down Downtown Mansfield work of art to celebrate the Pickle Factory and Downtown.

Driv'in in a Pickly Parade

Kinder students created this wonderful artwork featuring the Best Maid Pickle Annual Parade.

Farr Best Theater in 2 Point Perspective

4th Graders created this stunning study of the Farr Best  Historic Theater in Downtown Mansfield in 2 Point Perspective.

3rd-Keith Haring

3rd-Fish Prints and Marker Fish

3rd Grade-Fish Prints