3rd grade 2012-2013

3rd: Audubon Birds

3rd and 4th Graders did a blind impressing project while studying John James Audubon. They were introduced to Audubon and his art. Students chose a bird (they had many to choose from..some popular birds were eagle, cardinal, peocock and parrot) and drew it on a piece of white cardstock. I had photographs of birds as references. Students drew "invisible feathers" with a wooden stylus tool onto their bird. Students were told to press hard with their tool to create an indentation in the paper. Students then added color over the impressed lines, allowing the lines to "magically" appear. Students were told to press "medium pressure" with their oil pastels, so as not to fill in the impressed lines. Watercolor was added to the background.

3rd Grade: Thiebaud Cakes

3rd graders studied Mr. Thiebaud and his famous dessert paintings. They, then got to work creating their own fabulous cake art. Students drew a cylinder (on 12" x 18" white drawing paper). This was a whole class step-by-step instruction. We then did some review on color values and adding white to create tints. We also did some review on blending oil pastels (lights over medium and darker values). I gave some ideas on ways to design cakes and reminded students to keep cylinders "round" by designing with perspective in mind. Students also created a cake platter from colored paper and created a cake name to fit the style of their cake. "Real" candy sprinkles were added to the tops of cakes..students had a bit of fun with that!

I created color value scales (shown below) with some flavors they could represent...students came up with many more flavors for each color to represent..lots of fun.

3rd Grade: M.C. Escher and Tessellations

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