2nd Grade 2012-2013

2nd Grade: Klee Stamping Project

2nd Graders learned about Paul Klee and were shown many of his abstract works. We talked about the art principle of rhythm and how Klee used many colors and rhythm to create dynamic paintings. Since Klee used so many geometric shapes in his work, I thought it'd be fun to use a bit of geometric shapes in our project as well. Students used items, such as, old tic tac candy containers, old glue stick containers, duplo blocks, yogurt cups and salt shakers to stamp a repetitive design onto a checkboard base (which they'd created earlier). Students were encouraged to be mindful of strong color schemes. Students also created a line design using cardboard strips I'd cut out for this lesson. (Be sure to use sturdy cardboard if you do this project!). Thin cardboard will not last multiple dips in paint!). Tempera paint was used for this project..Gold was the ultimate favorite color of choice by my students! I love these!

2nd Grade: Thiebaud Cakes

2nd graders studied Thiebaud and his famous desserts. Then, they were pretty excited to begin their own cake art work! There was plenty of geometry in this art project, with a triangular prism, parallel lines, acute and obtuse angles. After all that geometry, these second graders were ready to have some fun designing their cake! This grade, like 3rd and 4th, did color values in their cakes. They added white to tint colors and create values. We talked a lot about filling in the cake completely with color (in this case-all oil pastel) to gain the feeling of a real cake. We talked about how colors will represent the frosting and the flavor of their cakes. Students were encouraged to blend their pastel to gain a "creamy" texture to the top of the cake. Students also loved adding fruit and candy toppings to the top of their cakes (made from designing and cutting out colored papers). Students designed an original plate, as well, to display their completed cake on. Students created a cake name...as every delicious cake must have an equally delicious sounding name. I think Mr. Thiebaud would be very proud of these creative second graders!

2nd Grade: Animal Molas

2nd Graders studied the Kuna Indians from the Panamonian Islands. They learned of how the Kuna Women sew these beautiful Molas right into their blouses. Molas are made of many layers of fabric. Intricate designs are embroidered into the Molas. Many of the designs are of ocean life, as the Kuna tribe lives on as island in the atlantic ocean. Students created a mola design with an animal motif (birds, sea turtles, fish, sharks, and lizards were choices). 

We studied traditional Molas and how unusual shapes and a large variety of shapes were sewn into each motif. I challenged students to create 3-4 unusual shapes of their own to add to their Mola. We also talked about how Molas are full of color and can tell a story. We did a bit of review on warm and cool colors on the color wheel. We talked about analogous color schemes and how those are easy to find by traveling around the wheel from one color to the next. Students used contrasting warm and cool marker colors in their animal motif. They drew a contour line around the entire design to further mimic real Molas. I did a demo of adding the colored paper strips to surround their animal. The best way I found to add these are to put glue on only the ends of each strip that are directly around the animal. Then, students can glue down these strips, leaving the middle of the strip slightly loose with some give. Later, students can easily cut the strips around the contour of the motif and add glue to the part of the strip that is still loose. 

These are so lively and colorful..and looking fantastic hanging up in our hallway at school!

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