3rd/4th Fall

1st-4th Grade: Art Expectations Contest

Davis students were inspired by Roger Hargreaves, the awesome cartoonist, author and illustrator who created the "Little Miss" and "Mr. Men" silly characters. He made many books and there is even a cartoon based on his characters! Each character has a silly personality all it's own. Some characters are: Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Messy, Mr. Tall, and Mr. Bump! 

We talked about the art expectations for the art room using Hargreave's characters.  We have 5 Expectations:

1.) Follow Directions the FIRST time

(Examples..no running..raise your hand to speak, get materials out when asked)

2.) Talk Softly during Appropriate Times

3.) No Teasing, Put Downs, Swearing..RESPECT EVERYONE

4.) Be CAREFUL with art materials/get materials when given permission

5.) Be Involved in the learning activities

Students created a drawing with silly characters acting out the art expectations (or breaking the rule..showing us what NOT to do!) Students could use some of Hargreave's characters OR create their own silly character. 

We had an "Art Expectations Contest". The best 2 drawings from each 1st -4th grade level will win. Winning students will receive a certificate, 3 team tickets and a small prize. 

All students did a great job of illustrating our expectations for the art room. I saw lots of creative thought and unique characters. Great job Dolphin Artists!

Here is some of the fantastic art (below is showcasing 3rd-4th):

Very unique!

Nice hot dog and pickle combo!

I like the actions portrayed here and the expressive faces!

Great job of showing what NOT to do!

Prettiest one-eyed character I've ever seen!

I like the "blue" coming off of Mr. Bump here onto the sidewalk!

Great job on this unique character..hope we don't have any "Mr. Yell's" this year!

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