1st Grade Fall 2013

1st Grade:
Andy Warhol Pops

1st Graders learned about the Pop Artist, Andy Warhol. Mr. Warhol painted images from popular American culture, including soda bottles, cans of soup, and Mickey Mouse. Mr. Warhol loved bright colors and repeating images. Sometimes in Mr. Warhol's  repeated images, only one factor would change, such as the colors used. 
1st Grade students created a Popsicle art work to mimic the feeling of many of Warhol's art.Students explored different patterns and lines while creating the "popsicle" (which was oil pastel first, then a layer of watercolor). Students explored a variety of textures while creating the background. After dividing their paper into "fourths", students painted an initial layer with tempera in each. The following week, students took texture stamps and created some fantastic designs and textures in each fourth. Students had to use a different color than the first layer. These just came out better than I ever expected! I love the all the bright colors,  awesome textures, and cool patterns! This was a great September project, as it was still very hot outside and what better subject to depict than popsicles! 

Look at this great art..I feel like I'm at the Davis Museum of Modern Art!

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